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Legal Guidance Through The Estate Administration Process

After a loved one passes, there are many challenges. In addition to mourning, most people have to navigate the complex and often emotionally difficult estate administration process. Grieving  family members are not at their best when faced with navigating the probate process. Disputes can arise, and relationships can get strained. If the executors and estate administrators make mistakes or mismanage funds, it puts everyone’s inheritance at risk. It is critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the process.

At McDevitt Law Group, P.C., we know the process of estate administration, and we can walk you through it and protect your interests. Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience serving clients in Boston and throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We focus on shepherding our clients through probate and estate administration, whether they are executors, administrators or potential beneficiaries. Our attorneys frequently take referrals from financial advisers with clients going through the process.


Probate is the court-supervised process of paying off the debts and transferring the assets after someone has passed away. In Massachusetts, most estates go through probate, though there are some opportunities to avoid probate with creative estate planning. Every will has to be registered with the court in Massachusetts, so in that respect, all estates go through probate. However, if the will and other instruments are set up correctly, probate can be streamlined significantly and court supervision can be minimized.

Representing Administrators And Executors

Our attorneys represent will executors and estate administrators. The process is extremely demanding and requires the highest level of accountability, called a fiduciary duty. Simple, honest mistakes can result in legal sanctions or even a lawsuit from a disgruntled beneficiary. If you’ve been named an executor, it is important to have an attorney you can trust to aid you in the process and help you avoid any oversights that could lead to problems. Our lawyers help executors keep good records, make timely and accurate accountings, and distribute assets according to the appropriate legal requirements. We also represent administrators and executors when disputes arise with beneficiaries.

Representing Beneficiaries

Our firm also represents beneficiaries. During the probate process, beneficiaries frequently have complaints or concerns about the validity of the will or the way the executors are handling things. Our attorneys can represent your interests to make sure you get the inheritance you were meant to receive.

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